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Welcome to the downloading page for FM WhatsApp APK, the modified version of the popular messaging app. In this article, we will provide an overview of FM WhatsApp APK, explain why you should consider using it, and guide you through the process of downloading, installing, and backing up your chats. So please make sure to read the article till the end, and don’t skip any part of it.

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FM WhatsApp (72 MB)

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FM WhatsApp (80 MB)

What is FM WhatsApp APK

what is fmwhatsapp apk

FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application, developed by third-party developers of FMWA.Dev. It offers additional features and customization options not available in the original app, this app has lots of amazing features and options that are not available in any other WhatsApp mod. You will get more customization settings, More privacy options, and more security. We have shared detailed information about all the features in the main article of fm whatsapp on FMWA.Dev, so you can read it for more details.

Why Should We Use FM WhatsApp APK:

FMWhatsApp comes with many extraordinary features and customizations, there are a lot of things that are available in only FM WhatsApp. Below we have shared some of the points you can consider while using the FM WhatsApp apk.

  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: FM WhatsApp APK offers advanced privacy features, including the ability to hide online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators.
  • Customizable Themes and Fonts: Unlike the official WhatsApp app, FM WhatsApp APK allows users to personalize their messaging experience with customizable themes and fonts.
  • Increased File Sharing Limits: With FM WhatsApp APK, users can share larger files, videos, and documents compared to the official WhatsApp app.
  • Built-in App Lock Feature: FM WhatsApp APK includes a built-in app lock feature, providing an additional layer of security for users.
  • Advanced Customization Options: FM WhatsApp APK offers a wide range of advanced customization options, allowing users to tweak various parts of the app according to their preferences.

How To Download FM WhatsApp APK For Free

How To Download FM WhatsApp APK For Free

Downloading FFM WhatsApp apk is now just like doing a simple Google search, You just need to follow some simple steps and get the latest version of FM WhatsApp APk on your device for free. So please follow the below guide and don’t skip any part of it.

  • First of all go to FMWA.Dev and search for the download button on the website.
  • After that click on the download page and you will be redirected to the download page of FM WhatsApp APK. So just click on the download button once again.
  • Then you will get a notification to select download directly, according to your download settings to proceed with it and start the downloading.
  • Once the downloading is complete you can move into the installation process.
  • So just go to file manager and locate the FM WhatsApp we just downloaded and install it. If you don’t know how to do that, below we have shared a step-by-step installation process for you.

How To Backup and Restore Chats in FM WhatsApp APK

If you don’t wish you lose your data and make it safe then just follow the below given backup and restore guide. It will help you back all your necessary WhatsApp data and restore it in your New FM WhatsApp APK.

  • First of all, Open WhatsApp APK on your device.
  • Then Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • Now Tap on “Back up” to create a backup of your chats and media files.
  • To restore chats from a backup, uninstall old WhatsApp and install the FM WhatsApp APK which you have downloaded from FMWA.Dev.
  • During the setup process, you will be asked to restore chats from the backup, So just select that option and pick your Google account used for backup.

Step-By-Step Installation Process For FM WhatsApp

FMWhatsApp Installation

Do you want to install FM WhatsApp APk on your device, Then just follow the below given step-by-step guide. We have included all the processes from start to end, So make sure to follow it carefully.

  • First of all download FM WhatsApp APK from FMWA.Dev
  • Once the APK is downloaded, Open your file manager and click on the APK file.
  • If you are doing third party installation for first time, Then you will asked to enabled unknown sources permission. So just follow instructions on the screen.
  • After that click on the install button and wait while the installation is going on.
  • Once installation is done, Just click open and enjoy using FM WhatsApp APK for free

Top FAQs on FM WhatsApp APK

What should I do if the download does not start?

If the download does not start, try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then restart the download process. Try again to repeat the downloading process.

What should I do if FM WhatsApp download link is broken?

If the download link is broken, Please contact our support and comment downland which version download link is not working or is broken.

Is it safe to download FM WhatsApp APK from third-party websites?

No, You should not use any third-party website while downloading FM WhatsApp Apk, It can harm your safety. We suggest you download FM WhatsApp from its official websiteFMWA.Dev only.

Can I revert to the official WhatsApp app after using the FM WhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can switch back to the official WhatsApp app by uninstalling the FM WhatsApp APK and downloading the official app from the Google Play Store. Also, you can take a backup of your data and restore it in the original app, the same as done for FM WhatsApp earlier.


In the above article, we have shared all the details about FM WhatsApp and its downloading guide. It’s a downloading page for FM WhatsApp on FMWA.Dev, we have also included other information like an installation guide, quick comparison, Top FAQs, and many more. If you want to get more detailed information on FM WhatsApp then you can read that on the main page of FMWA.Dev. That’s it for today’s article, Hope it helped you download FM WhatsApp, Please share it with others. We will be back soon.